Brainasium is a full service advertising agency catering exclusively to attorneys and law firms looking to promote and grow their practice.


We understand the job of a lawyer, and the unique challenges of generating leads and building brand awareness in the highly regulated and competitive legal industry.

The human brain is divided into two hemispheres, and various sections control different functions. In traditional neuroscience, the left hemisphere is associated with logic and reasoning, while the right hemisphere governs creativity, emotion and intuition.


Practicing law requires balancing both halves of the brain, and legal marketing should be no different.


That’s why our team of marketing pros includes creatives who have shepherded Fortune 500 ad campaigns, and attorneys with experience in a variety of practice areas at boutique and international law firms.

We consult with every client to understand their area of law, the needs of their practice, and the intangible qualities that separate them in the marketplace.


Then we combine extensive legal research and our collective imaginations to craft original and high production content that effectively tells our client’s story, all while ensuring compliance with all relevant laws and state bar ethics rules.


From website revamps to brand strategy, print ads to video and social media management, we bring a comprehensive and premiere service to each task and every client.